Responsibility Statement


I. Highway Musical Co., Ltd. (including affiliates, referred to as: Highway Musical) own copyright of this website. It is illegal to copy, distribute, forward or save any content of this page without prior written permission of Highway Musical

II. Highway Musical does not warrant that this website will not be interrupted, error free. It reserves the right to revise the pages or withdraw the right to access to them at any time. We do not make any express or implied warranties, including without limitation as to the existence, accuracy, reliability of content on the website. Including guarantee of ownership, non-infringement or a fitness for a particular purpose. Highway Musical does not accept any legal responsibility or liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss, loss of profits caused by services provided by this website. Even if Highway Musical may be informed similar losses.

III. Should you need to provide any information to our website via e-mail or other ways, response to yourself and must accept the following conditions:
i, The information shall not contain harmful, obscene, libelous and defamatory, racially discriminatory, violent or other unlawful, inaccurate elements that are not suitable for publication ;
ii, Before submitting, you must make sure to scan and remove software virus or other code, document and procedures which can infect and damage the computer system;
iii. You own the information and unrestricted right to provide the information to us, which does not infringe any intellectual property or property rights. Highway Musical may publish it without any charge and apply the description on our products without any liability;
iv, It is agreed that you will not
 droit de poursuite for the information you submit to Highway Musical. It is also agreed that you will indemnify all compensation from third party due to information you submit to Highway Musical.
v .Sending spam, unsolicited email, virus, inaccurate warnings and similar information is prohibited.

IV. You can access to other third-party websites through this link whose privacy, terms and conditions shall be fully understand.

V. Highway Musical retains the right to remove any content released on website at any time.

VI "Highway Musical"and"
海巍乐器" is registered trade mark of Highway Musical Co., Ltd. Highway Musical Co., Ltd. holds the right to all brands distributed in China. Highway Musical Co.,  Ltd. With its members hold right to use the above trademarks. The referred products and companies may have its own trademarks or tradenames. 

VII. The photos, configuration, performance, color of the products posted on this website is only for referencing. The products displayed in store will be the authentic standard. It is understood that Highway Musical reserves the right to change products without prior notice.

VIII, Highway Musical Co., Ltd. reserves the ultimate interpretation authority to this statement and right to take legal action against whom violate the website.


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