北京先锋海巍乐器有限公司成立于2001年。历经多年的发展,海巍乐器成为了中国知名的国外著名乐器品牌中国总代理商,一直以来,以其高品质产品及完善的服务体系在国内乐器行业享有很高声誉。2008年,随着海巍乐器北京公司的成立,作为国内知名的乐器总代理商,海巍乐器将业务范围延伸至更多的层面,更是国内最早采用网络销售的乐器公司。通过几年的发展,海巍乐器引进了ERP(企业管理套件),CALL CENTER(电话服务中心),条形码管理等先进的管理机制,力求将最新的理念带到中国大陆。


海巍服务:More Than Goods这是我们的宣言,我们提供的不只是产品,优质的服务是我们一直秉持的宗旨。海巍注重品质及细节,力争为客户提供完善,舒适的购物体验。我们拥有受过严格培训的客服团队,解决客户在售前售后出现的问题。另外还具有一支在国际知名品牌受过严格训练的维修团队。

Highway Musical: Highway Musical was founded in 2001. After many years of fast growth, Highway Musical became one of the best known musical instrument distributors. Our sales network covers almost the entire China market through our good relationships with local musical instruments dealers and internet customers. We strive to explore new business opportunities and always welcome new ideas and new technologies. We are the first company who uses ERP, call center and bar code management.

Highway Team: We are enthusiastic about the product we sell. Every member of Highway is familiar with musical instruments. Most of us know how to play the Guitar, which makes us understand the needs of our customers. We encourage each member to become familiar with the instruments in order to provide most effective sales and service. Highway has a team with strong skills in website design. An online store has been built to provide more convenient service and online shopping experience to our customers.

About Highway Service: “More Than Goods” is Highway’s motto. We provide not only musical instruments, but also excellent after-sales services. This is our biggest difference with other musical instrument dealers in China. In order to provide professional consulting for our customers both before and after sales, we have built up a strong technician team that got extensive professional training overseas.






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